Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Directions!


er said...

Arms spread wide
to welcome the world.

A gesture of unity
so I'm told?

A coming together
of "Northen Pride"

Antony Gormleys
dream I spy?

Toodles said...

thank you er

donnie said...

cool - you will have to visit the angel of uist's north soon

paulboo said...

I'm no poet I'm afraid but I will say how much I like this picture, a lot! :)
I'm also a big admirer of Mr Gormley's work, hope you can photograph more of it with your new camera! I wish you a speedy recovery Toodles.

Toodles said...

thank you donnie and paulboo!

D.. please tell me more about the uist angel!

P ... I will later on go and try the choice out there!

thank you all

for your good wishes

....i am getting more

comfortable and feeling

really positive!

As i look outside ....

the sun is shining!

er said...

Get out in the garden toodles and enjoy the sunshine? It is a great natural healer,and those rays will make "You" shine.

best wishes............

joshi daniel said...

the angle of shooting makes this image too good!

donnie said...

my book page 91 :))