Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Face by Igor Mitoraj, Yorkshire Sculpture Park


er said...

He or She,we'll never know,a face in the park,I love it so.

Nice one (T)

donnie said...


Toodles said...

thank you both!

a great place with great art!

er said...

East Yorkshire seems to have a wealth of "ART" and "Artists"

nadia said...

yay, mitoraj's face! i love his work sooo much! and the ysp is one of my favourite places, ever since childhood, which i often visit when back in the uk. is the face back or is this an older photo? i once came across it in the entrance courtyard of the british museum in london too, which was quite a surprise! and after having seen it in the wilds of the ysp it seemed quite lost and overwhelmed in the big city!
nadia (shadowsandclouds)

Toodles said...

Hi Nadia, I visited YSP in March, our team introduced 250 others to this wonderful place!

Glad you have fond memories of Mitoraj's work!

All of his work blows me away!