Sunday, 1 March 2009

Puffballs, East Yorkshire


er said...

"The Dandelion"

Each little filament will be blown away!
From this flower,the "Dandelion" we hope and pray.
This is the way they reproduce.
With it's ball of fluffy seeds.

Dandelion leaves are good to eat!
For many woodsman an awesome treat.
A little bitter so I am told.
But full of iron,that makes you bold.

So check the fields when out today.
These yellow flowers are here to stay.
Often mistaken for nasty weeds!
They sometimes fill our special needs.


Toodles said...

Thank You, ER

a fine poem!

donnie said...

great pic - beautiful composition

Toodles said...

I'm buzzing! ........

your comment means a lot!

Donnie, thank you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'one o'clock' 'two o'clock' 'three o'clock' Ha! Memories. This one a real beauty.