Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Dogs,Lochmaddy


donnie said...

elegant and beautiful

er said...

Love it !!!!!

The little Dog and the big Dog!!

A great looking welcome to the world of Uist and the Western Isles.

Must try and add a few poetic lines later today/tomorrow!!!


Toodles said...

thank u donnie.......probably bitches!

thank u er!


er said...

As I look through the mist
at this breaking dawn.
Across Lochmaddy one early morn.

A voice called out,from across the sea.
"Come over here and vist ME"

And visit me you have done.
Brought your family and set up home.

Far away from the stress and grind.
You've come up here for peace of mind.

Your "Western Isles" are home from Home !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful!