Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day Visit


er said...

A very romantic looking lodge,especially on this valentines day.The snow again adds that special touch !

er said...

Cold and grey,on a winters day.
The lodge it stands alone.
It's history it hides within it's walls.
For all the world to see.

Dominik J. Melchior said...

Oh wow... that's a beautiful little mansion... and it seems to snow all over Europe lately. Great photo, love it :-)

Toodles said...

Thank you Er & Dominik,
I have driven past this lodge on numerous occasions but never stopped for various reasons, then recently no traffic, stopped the car, parked badly and took several pics.

There was an ugly blue car in the way so managed to have more snow and no car!

Apparently its for let @ several hundredS £ each week!

Honestly it was Valentine's Day!


er said...

Toodles,put a booking in for your next aniversary !!!!!!!!!!!

Toodles said...

That would be brill!
To be honest, i would rather spend the money on flooring for the Cottage ......then i would have comfort and others could enjoy it too!
Just getting too sensible in my old age!

er said...

Sensible is good!!!!!
But a little romance at any age is the icing on the cake!!

But I agree with you re the cottage.

Toodles said...

I'll just settle for a peep inside this Lodge!