Friday, 20 February 2009

15:47, Traigh Ear, North Uist


er said...

"Now" you've got my attention!

Stray ball from Gleneagles!

On a serious note,the time is exact because of the shadow.This could have the title of.........
"The Sands Of Time"

er said...

"A ball of what!"

A big lump of pumice.
Round and white.
Sat on the sand.
Oh what a sight!

Is it pumice!
Or is it not!
Cant be sure it's not a rock!
It's round, speckeled and so much fun.

The sun's cast it's shadow,at 3.45
Still warm and inviting,but soon passing by.
Capture the light,before it is gone.
Then nothing you take,will ever go wrong !!!!!!!!!!